2019 Q3 Revenue Announcement

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It has been an exciting quarter at LocalCoinSwap with many great developments, and another upcoming community vote. Within this context, we are pleased to release the 2019 Q3 revenue announcement.

As in the previous period, we are seeing trade volume consolidating towards the top cryptocurrency, bitcoin. In USD terms, we have seen an almost 100% increase in volume over the previous quarter.

One other key metric to outline is that the platform has seen a 2.4x increase in the number of BTC trades. This shows that users are trading more often and are becoming comfortable and trusting of our relatively new platform.

Although we are yet to reach profitability, we are still on track with figures trending in the right direction.

Please see the 2019 Q3 revenue announcement below:

2019 Q3 revenue announcement
2019 Q3 revenue announcement page 2