2019 Q1 Revenue Announcement

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Reaching milestones is such an exciting time for us at LocalCoinSwap and this one is no different. After a little over a year, we have finally reached the final piece of the LocalCoinSwap puzzle. The dividends are one feature that set us apart from many other exchanges, especially as the first ever P2P platform to offer a traditional business framework for emerging assets..

Whilst running in MVP we decided that this unscheduled dividend distribution (which was not originally outlined in the WP) would be the best way to showcase and prove to not only ourselves but you, our dedicated community, that everything promised is being delivered to the best possible standards.

The MVP testing ground has been extensively critiqued internally and externally and now as we approach the monumental achievement of hard launch we provide final proof of concept in the dividend distribution.

Making sure this works and delivers clarity in financial reporting, of which many exchanges do not offer as of today in the world, as well as ease of redemption for our cryptoshareholders was always a serious matter to get right first time. We believe in transparency, it is the bedrock of our model and with the integration of metrics and dividend calculations being present for the hard launch we further this transparency as a leader in the cryptocurrency exchange space.

The final pieces are all falling into place and here it is with you the community that a vital part is tested, proven and experienced first hand.

We are one of the few projects coming out of the 2018 bear market with a strong footing for 2019. Our success is in the product and our product is now being fully delivered within days. From here we will only continue to grow and strive for excellence in all aspects of the exchange.

Although whilst in MVP, understandably the volumes were low and that reflects the final unscheduled payout we are still very excited to deliver this to you showing all the parts of LocalCoinSwap are working, stable and secure for a bright future. We look forward to the scheduled dividend payments being built upon quarter after quarter with as much vigor and dedication as we have put into building the exchange. With every effort now, we will focus on bringing this community and the crypto community an exchange that offers the best in class with a platform we can all be proud of.

Please see the dividend financial announcement below:

dividend financial announcement
dividend financial announcement page 2

PDF version of announcement: http://bit.do/eJG3U