April Launch Promo: Buy or Sell $100 USD and Receive $5 USD in BTC FREE!

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We are thrilled to offer P2P traders an exciting promotion this month. For the month of April we are offering all P2P traders who buy OR sell $100 USD in any cryptocurrency on the LocalCoinSwap P2P platform $5 USD in BTC FREE! Yep, Free!

If you are interested in learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrency peer-to-peer then now is your chance!

PROMOTION: Buy or sell $100 USD in any cryptocurrency (at CoinMarketCap rates) and you will receive $5 USD in BTC!

How to Enter?

  1. Go to LocalCoinSwap and trade $100 USD or more in any cryptocurrency
  2. SHARE our Promotion Tweet to your public Twitter account.
  3. FOLLOW our LocalCoinSwap Twitter account
  4. Go to the LocalCoinSwap English Telegram channel and enter the details of your trade into the Telegram bot to enter. Start the bot by entering /launchpromo in the main channel and follow the instructions to enter.

That's it! If your trade is eligible, you will receive your $5 USD in BTC into your free, secure digital wallet on the LocalCoinSwap platform wallet within 5 - 7 days.

Please remember to read the terms and conditions to ensure that you comply with all requirements when entering the promotion.


Q) When does the promotion start and end?

The promotion begins at UTC-6am on Tues 9th April, 2019 and ends after 500 successful trades or the 30th April 2019 at UTC-6am.

Q) Who receives the $5 USD in BTC when a trade is completed?

Both the buyer and seller receive $5 USD in BTC.

Q) Can I trade in any fiat currency or must it be in USD?

You can trade in any fiat currency, as long as it is equivalent to $100 USD.

Q) What is a Market Maker? What is a Taker?

A Market Maker is a person that creates a buy or sell advertisement on the LocalCoinSwap platform.

A taker is a person who responds to a buy or sell advertisement on the LocalCoinSwap platform.

To enter the competition, you can be either a Market Maker or a Taker.

Q) How much do I need to trade in order to be able to redeem the $5 USD in BTC

You must be the buyer or seller in a trade that is worth $100 USD at the time of trade completion.

Q) How many times can I enter the promotion?

Only one entry per person.

Q) How do I initiate the Telegram bot to enter the promotion?

Go to the LocalCoinSwap English Telegram channel and enter /launchpromo in the main channel. The Telegram bot will then appear and ask you to send it a private message. Once you private message the bot, it will then ask you to enter your promotion details including your email address on the LocalCoinSwap platform, your Twitter profile handle and the trade URL of your applicable trade showing you took part in a trade over $100 USD.

Q) Where do I find the Trade URL?

You can either copy the url when you finish your trade OR you can log into your LocalCoinSwap account then go to your dashboard. You will find a list of "Past trades". Click on the trade and then copy the URL from the browser and paste it into the Telegram bot.

finding a trade URL on LocalCoinSwap
The screenshot above shows you where to get the completed trade URL

Q) Where can I find the terms and conditions for the promotion?

You can find the terms and conditions of the promotion here.