New P2P Feature: Duplicate a trade

. 1 min read

New features are constantly being implemented into the LocalCoinSwap platform to increase the experience of our users. This feature is no different!

Until recently, when posting multiple similar trade advertisements to buy or sell crypto on LocalCoinSwap, you had to create each new advertisement every time from scratch. This was  not a quick process,  especially when you are a trader who wants to post many similar trades.

We always value user feedback so this new feature has been implemented to optimize and speed up the trade creation processes. Now, rather than creating each trade advertisement from scratch, you can simply duplicate an existing trade advertisement and then edit the specific details you want. This is especially handy for posting multiple trades with varying fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, locations, or payment methods. Just don’t forget to ensure your terms and conditions are still relevant for each posted trade!

How to use this feature:

Simply go to Dashboard -> Your Ads and press the Duplicate button next to the trade you want to duplicate.

duplicating a trade on LocalCoinSwap

After you copied the trade, you can modify it by pressing the Edit button next to it.

We hope you’ll find this new feature useful for your trading on LocalCoinSwap and we look forward to hearing your feedback or suggestions regarding new features you might think will be useful to implement next. Contact us on Telegram or send your question via our Help Desk Portal.

Happy trading!
The LocalCoinSwap team