New P2P feature: Increased location precision for your trades

. 2 min read

This ongoing blog post series highlights new P2P features that the LocalCoinSwap development team adds to the platform to help improve the trading experience of users. The aim is to develop the most convenient and easy to use and P2P cryptocurrency marketplace.

When you post a trade to buy or sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on the platform, you need to select your location. This is important for many payment methods that may be region-specific, like national bank transfer, but is even more important for trading cash-in-person as you are required to physically meet up with other users.

LocalCoinSwap users have always been able to select the city or country that they are posting their trade advertisements in. However, until recently, searches of trade ads returned all trade advertisements in the same country. This led to users finding cash-in-person trades that may have been thousands of miles away and not appropriate. This was frustrating to users as they often had to filter through cash in person ads to find ones that were anywhere near them.

This issue has now been resolved. Platform searches are now performed geometrically rather than just via country or city. This means that when you search for trades in a specific location, you are only shown trades in a 500-mile radius of there, and not ones thousands of miles away. If you are trading with payment methods that are less geographically sensitive, you can still search for all advertisements in a country simply by inputting the country into the search field rather than a city or suburb.

Thank you to the users that brought this to the attention of the team and have helped us to improve our services. With other P2P platforms removing the ability for users to even trade cash-in-person, it is important that people have a user-friendly place where they can continue to trade using cash with the added security of escrow.

Start buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from cash traders on LocalCoinSwap from a city or town near you! If there are not any traders offering this service, consider starting your own P2P business on LocalCoinSwap!