2019 Q1 Dividend News

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Since our soft launch in September 2018, LocalCoinSwap has been running in what is known as a beta stage with a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The MVP has been a fantastic proof of concept, built upon solid foundations in security and functionality. This has been supported and improved by the feedback from our community and P2P traders using the platform.

As you know, the ongoing bear market has seen widespread losses in cryptocurrency projects, many failing or faltering at the downward pressure.  Whilst conscientious of the market volatility, we have continued to build and focus all of our energy into delivering a top tier product moving forward into 2019 and beyond. Unsurprisingly over the last few months, trading volume has been low across most cryptocurrency exchanges, including LocalCoinSwap.

To echo the sentiments of many influential voices in our space, the bear market has also provided a unique opportunity which is the chance to focus our efforts on product development. Capitalizing on the economic downturn in this manner has been the only sensible solution and one that we believe will result in longer-term safeguards for our community.

It’s also important to highlight that, throughout this period, a tight grip has been kept on initial funds raised allowing the team to use them wisely in developing, marketing and maintaining the LocalCoinSwap platform. Whilst driving volume is always our primary business objective it must also be considered in the context of the project’s timeframe and milestones.  With the MVP running smoothly, along with product development, we have also been able to focus on an amplification plan for hard launch and beyond that, we hope will continue to generate awareness and drive activity on the platform at the right times.

The building of partnerships that have the potential to create lasting value for LCS holders, as well as the implementation of website page redesigns and community feature requests will all be coming into fruition over the coming hard launch period and beyond.  Patience is a virtue, we have appreciated it from the community, especially in this bear market and we are serious about continuing to deliver you our best efforts. The entire team is dedicated to build, maintain and strengthen the platform in every single possible area that we can.

LCS Cryptoshare Dividends Announcements:

With all this in mind, we would like to announce the following about the upcoming 2019 dividend payments:

  • The first dividend payment will be paid out to LCS token holders with 100% of all revenue captured during the beta stages of the platforms MVP development.
  • The official hard launch of the LocalCoinSwap platform will be on the same date as the first dividend payment i.e. February 26th, 2019.
  • Moving forward into 2019, the LCS Cryptoshare dividends for 2019 will be paid on February 26, June 20, September 20 and December 20.
  • Looking into 2020 and onwards, LCS Cryptoshare dividends will be paid on: March 20, June 20, September 20 and December 20.  This is in line with standard business practice and offers you a clear date of expected dividend payment.

2019 will see a marketing drive aimed with full efforts at attempting to raise the volume and adoption of the LocalCoinSwap P2P exchange worldwide. Making LocalCoinSwap the major P2P exchange for P2P trading is our goal and I am very excited to be moving onto this part of our ongoing journey.

We would like to thank all of the crypto community, our P2P traders, LCS token holders and partners for their ongoing support and commitment towards the development of the best P2P cryptocurrency exchange worldwide and look forward to a strong year ahead working towards our common goals.

Don’t forget that you can join our LocalCoinSwap Telegram or Discord channels to talk directly with our team about the dividends process or our LCS Cryptoshare token. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to come and chat with our team.

Best regards,
Daniel Worsley,
COO, LocalCoinSwap