LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.1 (September 17, 2018)

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Today marks the end of the first week of LocalCoinSwap’s live operation, with the launch of our MVP product. The MVP version of the site features trading in 11 different cryptocurrencies, fully functional wallet systems, support/dispute process, and dynamic listing system.

Following on from our initial launch, the team is updating the website each Monday with all stable updates developed during the preceding week. I’d like to thank our testing team for their diligent and hard work in reviewing all updates prior to integration. Your feedback has been invaluable to us.

I’d also like to reiterate that what we currently have is the most barebones proof of concept version of LocalCoinSwap. Although safe for trading, it lacks many of the features and enhancements which will be present in the final version. Over the next few months we will continuously roll out weekly updates, carefully taking into consideration all community feedback along the way. Through this process of interactive development, we believe we can create the world’s most inclusive cryptocurrency exchange ever to exist.

In today’s updates a number of new changes have been made:

MFA support for Google Authenticator has been added, currently supported for withdrawals. This will protect users funds from phishing attempts
Wallet withdrawal and fee calculation has been changed to a “you will receive” interface. This will simplify the withdrawal process and reduce confusion for users
Several rounding issues in wallets have been fixed, allowing users to see the full amount of decimal places in their balances
Various typos and grammatical issues which community members made us aware of have been rectified
Pending transactions no longer show in wallets, reducing confusion for users whose deposits have failed due to insufficient gas
Anti-DDOS scaling measures have been taken on servers to increase the speed of the site during DDOS attacks
Anti-DDOS measures have also been implemented on various API’s to prevent spammers disrupting the service of the site
Significant optimization of wallet processes has been undertaken, leading to quicker withdrawals for ERC20 tokens

We hope you will be happy with the new changes. As always, if you spot any issues please get in contact with the team directly so we can rectify them.

In the near future, some of our immediate development priorities include:

Show price dynamically as user creates an advertisement
Specific pricing option for fixed price
Interactive pricing option for advanced price, to reduce confusion
Various improvement to searching / sorting advertisements on the home page
Various improvements to the process of creating a trade
Changing default search results to reflect most popular cryptocurrencies & user location
More cryptocurrencies implemented
Cryptoshare / token dashboard (showing site volume trades, price, etc)
Enhanced MFA options, such as SMS, and the use of MFA to release escrow in trades
Ability to hide/edit advertisements

Thank you again for your support during this crazy week. We hope you will stay with the community for the long term, as we continue to develop the LocalCoinSwap platform.