Charities You Can Help with Crypto Today

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Many of us have had the opportunity to be exposed to such rapid growth in the crypto community; in some cases, it’s even been life-changing for many people. So if you feel like you should share some of what you’ve gained from crypto, or maybe you just have a little more than you need, donating to charity is an excellent way to help others.

Donating to a charity that accepts cryptocurrency can be a way to give while supporting something important to you already, cryptocurrency. Thankfully, a growing number of charities are now realizing that accepting crypto donations can really make a difference, and so can you.

Backpack Bed for Homeless

A charity that provides sleeping bags and backpack beds to those in need, Backpack Bed for Homeless offers practical help to those in need. Providing shelter enables those in need and sleeping rough to stay warm and receive at least a hint of comfort. In addition, you can donate multiple types of crypto and help make a difference to homeless people. If you are eligible, you may even be able to receive a tax deduction, which is always a welcome bonus that can be even better when you’re helping someone.

If you want to help someone struggling even to stay warm, Backpack Bed for Homeless is a way you can do just that and help people feel just a little bit safer.

Save the Children

Working to protect children in desperate situations from starvation, diseases, and other disasters, Save the Children helps kids in 116 countries worldwide. They also help produce resources to help spread essential information about health, education, child protection, and humanitarian issues. With a mission to prevent preventable causes of death in children while ensuring they also have the essentials like education covered, Save the Children is an easy cause to get behind.

Save the children has been accepting bitcoin donations since 2013, so if you want to support their efforts, check out Save the Children, you can donate with a range of cryptos.

Habitat for Humanity

Having a home of your own is an incredibly powerful thing, and this is something that Habitat for Humanity strives to provide. As a not-for-profit housing provider for low-income families and other vulnerable people, Habitat for Humanity helps access safe shelter, water, sanitation, and some of the essentials we need as humans to thrive. They’ve helped over 39 million people, and over a million people have volunteered for their projects.

For many of us, a home is something we take for granted; for many others, the idea of a home is a dream that seems too far away. So maybe it’s time to see if Habitat for Humanity can help you spread some kindness with a crypto donation.

The Water Project

Water is essential for all of us to survive. Yet, access to clean drinking water is still not available to everyone. Access to clean water sources can make or break a community, and the results can be devastating. It’s impossible to focus on education, work, and supporting your family when your most basic needs like water aren’t being met, which is a massive problem The Water Project is trying to solve. When donating to this charity, you can even choose directly to contribute to specific communities, which can help you feel better connected to where your donation is going.

The challenging work performed by The Water Project affected hundreds of thousands of people, and you can help them affect more people by donating some of your cryptocurrency.

Red Cross

If there’s a charity that almost everyone has heard of before, it’s definitely the Red Cross. The goal of the Red Cross is to relieve causes of suffering around the world. Whether through blood drives, responding to natural disasters, and so much more. Another area where the Red Cross places a lot of effort is training people with life-saving skills, be that CPR, swimming, or other potentially life-saving training. The charity relies heavily on donations and volunteers to perform the work they do, so your donations can help this charity reach more people and affect their lives in positive ways.

For those interested in putting their crypto to work, the Red Cross may be an excellent solution the next time you’re looking for a worthy cause to support after.


Healthcare is important for all of us, yet many people don’t have access to public healthcare solutions or have the ability to afford medical insurance. Watsi allows you to directly affect the lives of others by funding life-changing surgeries for people around the world. It’s hard to argue that everyone should be able to get the medical help they need, and should you choose to donate, you can help make sure someone is getting the treatment they need.

If a direct cause and effect are important to you when donating to charities that accept bitcoin or crypto in general, Watsi might just tick some boxes for you.

Rainforest Foundation

Supporting indigenous and traditional communities that inhabit the world's rainforests helps protect the people who live there and enables them to better foster these beautiful parts of the world. Sustainability is the key to the future of rainforests, and with the changes happening to the world around us, sometimes it’s important to remember the massive value they provide.

If you’re interested in supporting important cultures and isolated communities while helping to protect the lands they inhabit, the Rainforest Foundation could be perfect for your next crypto donation.


While this charity has an interesting name, it’s also a strong meaning. In Swahili, the word means ‘we are growing. Tunapanda runs technology and other educational courses in struggling parts of East Africa. With a goal to train lifelong learners, Tunapanda helps people empower themselves in ways that can change their lives.

Education, collaboration, and building stronger communities are possible through education, and your donation may just be able to help with that at Tunapanda.

Encourage Your Favourite Charity to Accept Crypto

If you have a charity that you love, consider suggesting they consider accepting crypto the next time you donate. It shows that demand is there and helps grow the options for the cryptocurrency community to donate directly in a way that feels right for them.

For all of us who have more than we need, there are always many more people who don’t even have enough help to get themselves the necessities or people trying to change the world in powerful ways that could use our support.