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Dear Reader,

If you have a cryptocurrency portfolio, you might have had an anxious few days. It’s hard to put everything in perspective when you’re heavily in the red and watching billions of dollars of capital disappear from the markets right in front of your eyes.

It’s easy to talk about “buying the dip” as prices rise. When the dip actually occurs, it’s not always so easy to pull the trigger.

But perspective is what you need in times like this. Put emotion aside, look at the fundamentals of your investments and ask yourself why you bought in the first place. If you can’t justify your original purchase, then you should sell. Base your financial decisions on logic rather than emotions like fear or greed.

Smart money invests in fundamentals, not in hype. Look for cryptocurrencies where you believe the technology is undervalued with respect to the price, and hold until the fundamentals are priced into the market.

And then sell! Don’t forget that selling is just as important as buying. It’s nice to see portfolio values rising, but you don’t actually make a profit until you start selling some of this speculative wealth back into real wealth.

And if you don’t make a profit doing this, then reassess the ways you are analyzing the fundamentals of your investments.

LocalCoinSwap believes that the fundamentals of your cryptocurrency investments should always be based on the potential disruption they may cause to existing markets and technology. A good investment should fix a problem, fill a gap, or solve a need.

Launching in August this year, we aim to disrupt what we see as one of the greatest perils of the current cryptocurrency economy: the exchange monopoly business model.

While the concept of financial decentralization has already seen so many amazing innovations, we still see some of the worst elements of traditional finance present in crypto markets. The largest exchanges have daily turnovers reaching into the billions, and make millions of dollars in fees from our trades. But where does this money go? Into the hands of a small group of wealthy investors who reward our trust in them with nefarious practices like market manipulation and insider trading.

We think it’s time for a change, and that’s why in August 2018 we are launching the world’s first exchange which decentralizes 100% of the profits. We are breaking the monopoly model and handing back control of the enterprise to the people who use it.

This is the way exchanges were supposed to be built. Not as giant billion-dollar monopolies, but as collective communities of individuals who trade together and share in the fruits of their labor. A free market doesn’t have to lead to exploitation of individuals and the centralization of wealth. Together we can demonstrate the viability of a different model of business.

We are excited to reveal some of our upcoming developments, and hope you will join us on this journey.

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