Full release of all Cryptoshare source code

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As you know if you've read our Whitepaper, LocalCoinSwap is committed to being the most transparent exchange on the market. It is very important that investors are able to trust that we will deliver on promises and operate the way that we state we will.

But it's not enough just to talk the talk, it's important to provide verifiable and complete proof. The ICO market right now is full of too many projects who make amazing claims without releasing a single line of code.

And so, today I'd like to announce the complete release of all the contract source code governing our Cryptoshares, voting tokens, dividend tokens & development team token freeze:


This code governs everything we have promised to use the Blockchain to achieve in our Whitepaper.

Unlike many ICO projects promising visionary ideas with no code to back it up - we are releasing the entire decentralized source code governing our idea in advance of the first public funding round on March 15th.

An independent security audit by a third-party not associated with LocalCoinSwap in any way is being conducted (tentatively) on the 8th of March. In the meantime, we are available to answer any questions you have regarding the software behind the Cryptoshare system.

In other news, our pre-ICO private round will close on the 8th of March in 4 days to ensure we don't sell out before pre-sale.

Until then a 50% bonus is still available for early stage investors. To participate, send us an email with your desired purchase currency and amount, and we'll get in touch with an invoice.

Thanks for your continued support for the LocalCoinSwap project, and we look forward to more exciting developments to come!

Best regards,
The LocalCoinSwap Team
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