LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.2 (September 24, 2018)

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It’s been another big week at LocalCoinSwap with a ton of new updates implemented today into the live site after another week of testing. Many backend changes have been implemented to server infrastructure, but users will probably notice some of the following more visible frontend changes:

  • Sorting by a country in search now includes all cities within that country in search results. The location database in general has been optimised to catch more edge cases such as regional spellings.
  • Issues with search results not carrying over to additional pages have been fixed. This is a major fix to the search interface which drastically improves the user experience when we have a lot of advertisements.
  • By default the homepage search is now automatically ordered according to market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies. Previously it was ordered by date of creation, and this led to only Cryptoshare advertisements being displayed on the homepage.
  • On the dashboard page searching through multiple pages of historical trades now works properly. Previously the pagination was broken.
  • After contract creation the displayed rate on the contract page is now fixed as the value of contract creation, rather than varying with the price. Although the backend was previously fixing price correctly, this was not displaying statically in frontend, leading to multiple confused users in support tickets.
  • Chat box now clearly guides the user about allowed file sizes and type restrictions on uploads to prevent confusion.
  • File-size upload limit for pictures increased to 3mb.
  • Uploaded file-types are now validated by the servers to prevent any potential phishing attachments being disguised as pictures and sent to other users. This eliminates a potential attack vector which was once used against LocalBitcoins.
  • Trades can no longer be created without a location, eliminating the issue with people's location showing up as a comma. For all existing advertisements with a comma the location has been changed to United States, as mostly this is where the users involved appeared to be from. Please contact me if this is a mistake and i'll rectify the location.
  • Trade conditions is now displayed more predominantly when posting a trade.
  • Errors when making a trade advertisement are now shown to the user directly next to the button press, to prevent confusion from users who might otherwise believe the page is broken.
  • Issues with strange HTML formatting tags showing up in trade advertisements has been fixed.
  • Additional search results now display on homepage.
  • Individual buy and sell pages show 12 advertisements each instead of the original default of 5.
  • Custom trade sizes selected by users when creating a trade are now displayed in the trade advertisement. This will reduce user frustration when responding to trades.
  • General spelling/formatting issues pointed out by users have been rectified.

We’ve also getting significantly closer to implementation of Ethereum Classic, Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. These currencies will be added to the testing servers in the next couple of releases, and then deployed into the main site once final testing has been conducted.

Over the next working week we will continue to test these changes, and develop/test new updates for our next weekly release.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to grow LocalCoinSwap!