LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.5 (October 15, 2018)

. 2 min read

It’s been another big week at LocalCoinSwap and we have some exciting new developments to announce.

On the cryptocurrency backend we have been conducting significant work on Litecoin and Dash. Although tentative right now we hope to launch these cryptocurrencies by next release, as we are in the final security and load-testing stages. Our plan after Litecoin and Dash has been implemented is to launch Monero, Ripple, and Tether - in no specific order.

However, the majority of work this week has focused on speed-optimisation of the site. Users may have noticed some very low page speeds in the past, due to the way the site was being served globally, and the general code design of individual pages. It was especially frustrating when entering trades or viewing users profile pictures. This was also having a negative influence on our search engine rankings, as sites with slower loading times are given negative weighting.

Thankfully, this is now a problem of the past. Users of the site will now notice all pages load quickly and are far more responsive. Clicking on profile links, viewing your dashboard, or entering your wallet is now almost instantaneous. Testing with page speed tools has indicated that overall the site is now more than 5 times as fast as last week.

This is an ongoing process, and we will be continually improving the speed of the website. If you notice any further issues relating to page load speeds please contact us.

On the frontend design users will notice that the notification system is now greatly improved. Messages are being pushed more reliably, and will automatically go to ‘read’ after you view them. We hope this will fix the frustrations users have experienced with the messaging system.

Our next focus for our frontend work will be the process of creating (and editing) advertisements. We understand this is a major gripe for users right now and have decided to fix it as a matter of priority. I must inform the community in advance that this will be a big task, and could stretch out over the next two weeks. Once it is completed we expect a massively improved trading experience for those users creating advertisements on the platform.

Lastly, some administrative stuff: we have finally hired a new frontend developer on the team, who has just today begun his first day. We are confident this will greatly increase the development pace of user-visible frontend features.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to bringing you next weeks developments.