LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.6 (October 22, 2018)

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Dear community, today is the 6th week since LocalCoinSwap’s launch. This week a number of big changes have been implemented onto the site.

Traders from around the world are likely to notice a huge increase in tradable fiat currencies. This week we have tested and deployed 152 more fiat currencies to the platform, which are tradable against every cryptocurrency. The LocalCoinSwap platform now includes pairs from almost every country in the world in which we can gather reliable exchange rate data. We hope this will be a major step in opening the platform up to developing areas.

Another exciting development: We have officially added another two cryptocurrencies to the platform! You will now notice in your portfolio that Litecoin and Dash are both available for trading. This brings the total number of tradable currencies on LocalCoinSwap to 15, and significantly closes the gap until we reach the full hard-launch portfolio.

On the frontend side we have a number of visible changes to the site. Users will notice the entire wallet portfolio page has changed to be more consistent in appearance and sizing on both desktop and mobile. In addition the historical transactions page is more human readable and simple to understand.

The chat interface when trading has also been vastly improved. Multi-line messages which previously would wrap into one line now appear in full paragraph form, making it more convenient to share bank account and payment details.

A number of other frontend tweaks have been implemented and bugs fixed, with some more improvements made to the notification system and text wrapping issues on mobile fixed.

Thanks for your continued support during our development process so far. In the next few weeks we will begin continue on the improvement of the process of creating and editing trade advertisements. Following that we perform a revamp of the home page and searching interface.