LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.7 (October 29, 2018)

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Today marks the 7th iteration of the LocalCoinSwap platform and we have a number of exciting new developments.

On the backend side we are currently working on Monero implementation, which will be the next deployed currency. Most of the wallet infrastructure for this currency is complete and we are in the testing phase at the moment. We are hoping to deploy this currency by the next release, however this is not a definite as there are some additional difficulties with Monero on the frontend due to its use of a payment ID system.

We’ve also put significant work into SEO optimisation again this week, with a dynamically generated sitemap that now indexes all pages on the website. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll move the FAQ pages, Blog, and general support pages out of subdomains and instead into subfolders, in order to improve our search engine rankings.

There have also been some improvements to the way MFA is being managed, including greater automation of the handling process when a user loses their MFA device.

On the frontend side, users will now notice three significant improvements: Pausing of advertisements, deletion of advertisements, and interactive prices when posting a trade.

Although it was previously possible to delete advertisements, it could only be done when no trades were open, due to the way the database models for trading and advertising were intertwined. Now users can freely delete any advertisements they wish regardless of associated trades.

Users can now also pause advertisements as an alternative to deleting them, and resume them when desired. We hope this will greatly simplify the usability of the platform, as it was a regular frustration reported by the community.

Lastly on the frontend side, users can now dynamically view the price as they create an advertisement, removing any illusions as to what the resulting advertisement will show.

Our next frontend focus is now the redesign of the post-a-trade process.

Aside from this weeks development improvements, I’d like to make a quick remark on the referral program. Many users have debated about the proper operation of this program at length, and asked the teams position on the matter.

So I’d like to clarify that the team has decided to adopt no official position on the matter. What we will do instead is take the matter to a vote in 1 month from today. During the next month, we will create a minimum of 4 voting possibilities based on the conversations we have observed within the community, and then try to put forward some general arguments for/against each one. The community will take a vote, and the team will implement whichever option the community desires. Not having a referral program at all will be one option. All members of the LocalCoinSwap team will abstain from voting in order to remain neutral. We believe that democratic decision-making is the spirit of LocalCoinSwap, and are excited to serve the wishes of our wider community.

We’ll have some more information about this vote in the upcoming monthly newsletter.

Until next week!