LocalCoinSwap Release Notes: Version 0.2.8 (November 5, 2018)

. 2 min read

Today we have released the 8th version of the LocalCoinSwap platform, and we've got a number of exciting developments to reveal.

A massive number of new pages have been added to the frontend to showcase each cryptocurrency. Each cryptocurrency now has its own page with statistics, token information, and all advertisements for that cryptocurrency on a unique page. There are links to each cryptocurrency page on the updated homepage.

Currently a huge majority of the trading action on LocalCoinSwap occurs in Bitcoin and Ethereum. We hope these improvements will encourage users to experiment with some of the other cryptocurrencies and tokens on offer.

We've also made some major updates to the withdrawal process which we hope will eliminate recent issues with delayed withdrawals. Previously, if a user tried to withdrawal with an incorrect address, it would freeze the withdrawal process as a security measure, and admin intervention would then be required to restart it. This led to some frustrating delays for users who initiated withdrawals during these periods, especially over weekends. We hope these new changes will reduce user frustration in this regard.

On the cryptocurrency side, Monero implementation is currently being rolled out. If it is not already available at the time of publication of this post then it will be available within 24-48 hours. We have decided to use Monero's integrated address feature instead of seperate payment ID's, in line with current best practices published by the Monero team.

On the frontend side, we've also fixed a bug which was leading to the display of advertisements with a '-1' upper limit when a users wallet balance declined past the minimum value of the advertisement. These advertisements are now automatically paused, and become unpaused once the user tops up their wallet.

Some improvements have also been made to the notification box on the navigation bar. Users no longer have to select "more messages" to view multiple pages of notifications and can instead simply scroll down.

There have also been some improvements made to the pop up windows when making a withdrawal. The annoyance of having to type in your 2FA code before confirming in the popup box is gone, and you can now enter the code directly into the popup box - preventing the timeout issue.

We have also added a confirmation window which is displayed before entering into a trade, which we hope will address the large number of disputes we have dealt with recently after users unintentionally entered into trades.

Thank you for your support this week and we look forward to bringing you next weeks updates. Stay tuned for more information regarding the voting choices for the referral program!