LocalCoinSwap Welcomes CELO & cUSD

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Embracing cryptocurrencies that do things a little differently is something we find important to bring to our community at LocalCoinSwap. As such, we’re excited to announce the support for both CELO and cUSD for non-custodial trading with full wallet support.

What Does This Mean?

As of now, you can trade Celo worldwide with over 300 payment methods, the flexibility afforded by peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, and full non-custodial wallet support. So it doesn’t matter whether you want to trade CELO or cUSD with bank transfer, cash, or almost anything else you may be looking for; LocalCoinSwap has got you covered.

De-banking of cryptocurrency users is still a problem for many traders, and for many more, access to banking or the types of resources required to use a centralized exchange simply aren’t available. Where you live and what tools you have at your disposal shouldn’t influence your access to critical financial tools, and while cryptocurrency projects like Celo break down many of these barriers, combining the benefits of crypto with those of P2P trading ensures that everyone has the same standard of access and the freedom to trade their own way.

Your Non-Custodial Celo Wallet

When using the Celo wallet provided with your LocalCoinSwap account, you remain in complete control of your cryptocurrency and your private key. You can freely export your private key and even import it into another Celo wallet to provide you both peace of mind and the highest possible flexibility. Keep track of your portfolio.

Stop worrying about centralized platforms holding your funds and start retaining control over your digital assets.

CELO & cUSD are Excellent Additions to LocalCoinSwap

Cryptocurrency can be an extremely powerful tool, but for that to be the case, it has to suit the needs of those using it, and both of these digital assets have a growing community and ecosystem of projects that support them.

Furthermore, many in the LocalCoinSwap community have been requesting stablecoins with cheaper associated transaction fees. With cUSD on Celo, you can have all the benefits of a stablecoin without the often high cost to trade with it or even when just moving it between wallets or sending some to a friend. When trading cUSD, you can complete trades in seconds, with very minimal amounts required for transaction fees on the network.

Trading P2P helps traders across the globe access financial tools and technology that, in many cases, they’d otherwise be unable to access in a practical way. While, unfortunately, many of these same traders are excluded from traditional financial services, further adding barriers to their economic independence and financial freedom, cryptocurrency can offer the ability to become more financially independent.

With the increased use of stablecoins like cUSD, you no longer have to be exposed to extreme volatility to leverage many of the advantages of cryptocurrency. Now you can exchange value with anyone and remit payments to a friend in the same room or family internationally in seconds for fees that are often significantly better than legacy remittance services or, in some cases, even exchange rates between some currencies.

The Benefits of Trading CELO & cUSD on LocalCoinSwap

  • Trade with over 300 payment methods and against essentially any fiat currency
  • Sign-up is instant; you can be trading immediately
  • No withdrawal or deposit limitations ensure you are free to trade your way
  • Access to many other popular cryptocurrencies for trading
  • Fully non-custodial CELO & cUSD wallets with private key access
  • The ability to trade both locally and internationally with traders around the world

Start Trading Your Own Way

Trading cryptocurrency shouldn’t be complicated or limiting. With P2P trading, you have the freedom to trade using your preferred payment methods, against your local currency, and even using payment methods that are far less commonly accepted by other cryptocurrency marketplaces, including cash.

All you need is access to the internet, and at minimum, a smartphone; you can start trading on LocalCoinSwap with a few easy steps.

  1. Sign-up with LocalCoinSwap if you haven’t already
  2. Search for offers that suit your needs, or even create your own with just a few clicks
  3. Once you find an offer, simply enter the amount you wish to trade and follow the prompts

Want to Earn Free CELO?

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