Meet The Team - Oleksii Shnyra

. 2 min read

As some in the LocalCoinSwap community have been aware, we recently took on a new member in the Developer team to work on the frontend of the LocalCoinSwap platform. The candidate selection process was extensive until we found the perfect match. After a month settling in, we are very happy to reveal our newest member - Oleksii Shnyra! So lets get to it and learn a little bit about Oleksii...

Technical bio:

Oleksii started development in 2010 with interactive front-end pages. He has a deep and vested interest in all the latest approaches, frameworks, and tools used to solve real-world business problems. His main focus on UX/UI, optimized algorithms for data processing and efficient team development is an area that going forward, now we are reaching the hard launch, is going to give a real boost to the LocalCoinSwap exchange and build upon the fantastic work of our dedicated developer team.

In addition to this, Oleksii's strong experience of full cycle development, starting from prototype discussions to production launch, will add real practical value to LocalCoinSwap. Although primarily front-end focused in his new position, he has a wealth of experience building all required technical levels of a product: Front-end and back-end coding, database development, scaled infrastructure and continuous delivery!

What are your motivations and tendencies?

For me it is not just implementing an elegant combination of existing libraries into one large system but the ability to create something that is at least a bit innovative. Creating an impact and generating interaction with real users is a proof of my work. I love a challenge and enjoy solving demanding problems.

What do you love about LocalCoinSwap?

It is its spirit of a young, modern and rapidly growing startup while being an already reliable company. The efficient distributed development in different time-zones emphasises its core technology properties - blockchain. With LocalCoinSwap I have the ability to be at the frontier of tech implementation and company-wide announcements. The professional team respect and shared responsibility coupled with the ability to propose ideas, participate in the decision making process and actually implement them is excellent.

Motivated, talented and dedicated! I think we can all agree that it is awesome to have someone like this on board with us. A big congratulations to you Oleksii from all the team and community! We all look forward to a long and bright future together building the worlds best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange!

We will certainly keep an eye out for all updates, however, if you have not already done so, you can jump onto the LocalCoinSwap exchange to check it out and follow our development progress or you can even get started P2P Trading today?