Top 10 Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

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Recently, one of the driving forces in gaming is exploring new models of gaming that aren’t just filled with micropayments and instead leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create experiences that can be fun and give their players the potential to own digital assets or even earn some money.

It’s time to jump in and find out why play-to-earn games are booming and becoming one of the most entertaining parts of the cryptocurrency revolution. Just be sure to always do a little extra research, especially before investing in play-to-earn games.

Axie Infinity

Build and refine your team of Axies to go to battle with other players. One of the most well-known blockchain-based crypto games, Axie Infinity, is a fantastic option for those looking for a fun PVP experience. The only major con for Axie Infinity is that it can be a little expensive to get started. However, battle winners are rewarded with SLP (smooth love potion), which has a strong economy in the Axie Infinity marketplace and can easily be exchanged for fiat in third-party markets due to the demand by the community around this game. You can also use SLP to breed your Axies to grow your team further.

If you’re looking for a polished PVP experience with a thriving player base, don’t mind spending some money to get started, Axie Infinity is probably for you and can easily be considered one of the most popular NFT P2E games!

Spider Tanks

Collect in-game resources, upgrade your stats and weapons, and jump into the battle arena in this PVP battle brawler. Play a range of game modes and have fun demolishing the competition alone or as a team. You can even buy special edition tanks, weapons, maps, and or other accessories in the form of tradable NFTs. It’s even got great graphics to ensure you’re making the most of your gaming experience.

If you like games like Rocket League or World of Tanks, maybe this battle vehicle free-to-play with a play-to-earn model is an excellent fit for you. So why not give Spider Tanks a try.

Gods Unchained

As an Ethereum-based P2E trading card game on the blockchain where each game card is an NFT, Gods Unchained takes the cake. If you’re nostalgic about the old days of trading Pokemon cards with your friends, maybe it’s time to get back into trading cards with a modern twist. You can even get started for free, with all new players getting a pack of cards to start playing. It’s great to see this P2E game which is also a great free-to-play option.

Do you like Hearthstone and other collectable card games? Then, Gods Unchained might be what you’re looking for in a crypto card game.

The Sandbox

What originally started as a 2D pixel art game back in 2012 for mobile devices has transcended into the blockchain space to become one of the more prominent players in the growing metaverse ecosystem and one of the P2E games you’ll likely hear more about as development continues. The Sandbox throws players into a virtual world. You can own land, monetize your virtual assets, and explore novel gaming experiences. While still considered alpha software, this game has already had some extensive collaborations with popular artists and brands.

The Sandbox economy runs on a token called SAND which operates on the Ethereum network. Even at the early stages of this project, large amounts are being spent on in-game assets, so if you’re interested in making your mark in the metaverse, The Sandbox is worth a hard look.

For lovers of Minecraft and Roblox, The Sandbox might scratch that itch for more voxel gaming glory.


If you’ve been looking for a trading card game that won’t need hours just to play through a game, you might want to check out Splinterlands. With the rapid pace of games, you can complete one in just a few minutes. With over 500 cards and growing, there’s plenty of variety to keep you entertained. Combine cards, convert cards to crypto and exchange your cards to build the perfect collection. You can even rent cards if you’re more of the yield farming type, a phrase you probably didn’t expect to hear associated with a collectible card game.

A hive cryptocurrency wallet is created for you after registration, and this allows you to jump right in and get started with this blockchain game. To avoid being too locked into one blockchain, it features cross-compatibility with additional blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and WAX which is well known in the NFT scene.

Do you enjoy Magic the Gathering and other collectible card games? Maybe check out Splinterlands.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds has a lot to love as a play-to-earn game built on top of the WAX blockchain. Plots of land across several worlds are accessible to players in the form of an NFT. In addition, Trillium, the in-game currency, can be collected, staked, and even transferred using BNB Smart Chain.

Buy, sell, and rent virtual land and explore new forms of social governance; there's a lot to explore in Alien Worlds. You can also complete intergalactic missions, collect a range of tools, and explore the Alien Worlds universe in this NFT Metaverse game.

If EVE Online or No Man's Sky got you excited, Alien Worlds might be your new favorite space simulation game.

Plant vs. Undead

Set on Planet Plants, Plant vs. Undead is a blockchain game with a mobile-first approach that offers an excellent opportunity for the more casual gamer to explore the play-to-earn model. After a meteor crashed into the planet, many of the resident creatures became zombie-like creatures that spilled out into this cartoonish wonderland.

Unlike many of the games in this list, the primary way to play Plants vs. Undead is on your mobile device, whether Android or iOS. There's talk of other versions potentially launching in the future for PC and consoles, but this doesn't appear to be the case quite yet. While you are encouraged to expand your experience via trading PVU tokens (BEP20 tokens on BNB Smart Chain), you can start playing Plant vs. Undead for free as you will be provided a Mother Tree to protect alongside six plants used in defense.

If you find tower defense games a winner and like games such as Plants vs. Zombies (a clear inspiration for this one), perhaps it's worth checking out this PvE and PvP game, Plant vs. Undead.


One of the staples of the growing metaverse concept is absolutely Decentraland. If you like the idea of a virtual world where you can interact and make it your own, this is one to check out. With a range of carefully crafted environments to explore, there’s more than enough to lose yourself in for hours.

Players wanting to take things to the next level can leverage the Builder tool to create their own digital assets and even participate in some of the events held in the Decentraland community. For creators looking to make their mark (and some money in the Decentraland marketplace) or blockchain entrepreneurs looking to start a collection of land and other in-game digital goods, this ethereum backed play-to-earn game is a fascinating option.

Were you big on Second Life back in the day? See what the future holds for virtual worlds by jumping into Decentraland.


Ever considered playing a play-to-earn horse racing game with Cyberpunk vibes? Maybe you’ll change after you get acquainted with Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy). In Pegaxy, you are pitting mythological creatures head-to-head, which results in some fast-paced action. You can even breed your Pega (the horses, if you can call them that).

With a PvP format, this game has some interesting style that throws together a high-tech vibe with a classic horse racing style of game that results in an interesting blend that shows how experimental P2E games can be. While this game is still in its early stages, it’s worth keeping an eye out for what this game has in store and seeing if these techno-horses catch on here as much as they do on the local track.

If horse racing games like Rival Stars or heading down for a day at the track gets you a bit loud, head over and see what’s going on with Pegaxy.

Thetan Arena

For those gamers who enjoy a multiplayer online battle arena game, commonly called a MOBA, Thetan Area might be your pick. Playable on Android, iOS, or PC, Thetan Arena offers a colorful experience that brings P2E gaming with a F2P model. Earn NFT items as you play the game that you can then sell on the marketplace to earn money, and you can also collect Thetan coin (the in-game currency used by Thetan Arena) by playing various game modes, which you can then exchange or trade for other items.

Furthermore, you can also acquire Thetan Gem, which takes things even further, enabling you to evolve your heroes in the game or stake them to earn some yield, something many DeFi enthusiasts will love. So whether you’re just interested in having a little fun or grinding for profit, the choice is yours.

Can’t get enough League of Legends or Dota 2? It’s probably time to see what the fuss is about when it comes to Thetan Arena.