Stop viewing cryptocurrencies the same as stocks

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Dear Reader,

When was the last time you used your stock portfolio to buy real assets or services?

You can’t update your computer software with Microsoft shares. You can’t exchange an Apple stock for an iMac. Heck, you can’t even use Amazon shares to buy an audio book!

This is because stocks are nothing like cryptocurrencies.

The majority of cryptocurrencies do not have earnings, they do not publish financial statements and they do not pay dividends.

What cryptocurrencies do in fact do goes far beyond the ownership that traditional shares provide. And we are talking about uses that are far more exciting than the horizontal growth of globalisation.

Distributed ledger and smart-contract technology provides a revolutionary new method for global systems and transacting.

We are talking about fraud proof title recording for assets, real-time visibility for every step in the supply chain process and even augmented reality experiences.

Have a look at some exciting use cases here.

There is an almost unlimited amount of ways to improve the legacy systems we have today using cryptocurrencies. To think that only a few will “win” the market and the rest will go to the wayside is failure to see all the exciting opportunities that we are just starting to explore.

Having said that, LocalCoinSwap is also using blockchain and smart contract technology with our own unique case.

LocalCoinSwap will in fact have earnings from our peer-to-peer exchange, we will be publishing performance reports and most excitingly, we will be paying the holders of LCS cryptoshares dividends with a basket of cryptocurrencies.

We understand the exciting and unlimited potential that cryptocurrencies will be used for and our goal is to get as many cryptos into the hands of as many people, as easily as possible.

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