Welcome Polkadot! Buy/Sell/Swap DOT on LocalCoinSwap

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Starting today, we are rolling out trading for Polkadot (DOT) peer-to-peer (P2P) on LocalCoinSwap. Our team is excited about the opportunities presented by projects like Polkadot and is excited for more people to have access to participating in the Polkadot ecosystem. P2P trading helps break down the entry barriers and provides the tools for people worldwide to get involved in the evolving cryptocurrency space.

Many people worldwide still struggle with access to traditional services like banking and other resources that many of us take for granted blocking them from participating freely in the crypto space, further increasing this divide. We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of modern tools developed by projects like Polkadot. We are incredibly proud to be a part of helping to facilitate this accessibility through P2P trading and are excited to announce the launch of Polkadot trading on LocalCoinSwap.

Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, blockchain developer, looking for an alternative way to trade crypto, or just wanting to find a way to explore new blockchain technology, LocalCoinSwap welcomes you.

At LocalCoinSwap, we are continually adapting to the need of our community. We believe in moving quickly to ensure we are at the forefront of making P2P exchange the best possible. Part of that is allowing traders to trade digital assets that push new boundaries in blockchain technology.

After the recent addition of Kusama (KSM), another leading project from the Web3 Foundation, it was only fitting to expand upon that with Polkadot’s addition to develop our offerings further to suit the needs of modern traders worldwide.

The Benefits of Trading Polkadot on LocalCoinSwap

  • Access to trading with over 250 payment types
  • Instant sign up and access to trading
  • Reduced dependence on third parties
  • Trade with multiple cryptocurrencies
  • No withdrawal or deposit limits

Another Great Way to Store Your Polkadot

Whether you are an active P2P vendor, casual cryptocurrency user, or just looking for someone to store your Polkadot securely, you can now do so with the non-custodial wallets provided by LocalCoinSwap. Unlike most other exchanges that offer Polkadot wallets, the DOT wallet generated alongside your LocalCoinSwap account only allows you access to your funds.

Having access to your funds at any time is excellent, but having the power to control precisely what you do with your funds is essential as well. Due to the non-custodial nature of the Polkadot web wallet provided with your account, even the team at LocalCoinSwap has no power to seize or otherwise control your DOT. You can even export your private key for further peace of mind and to have the ability to import that into another wallet should you so choose.

Build for Polkadot With LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap provides a well-documented and thorough API for traders and developers to expand our platform’s possibilities through non-custodial P2P trading. With a few clicks, you can generate your API token and be building on top of our platform with no cost or cumbersome approval process.

Non-custodial P2P trading of DOT, BTC, ETH, and several other popular cryptocurrencies is now easily accessible for developers to explore and expand upon or for P2P traders to build custom tools to complement their workflow. To learn more about this and review other open-source material released by the LocalCoinSwap team, head over to our GitHub.

Start Trading on LocalCoinSwap Today

There are no excessive wait times or requirements to sign up and start trading on LocalCoinSwap. Sign-up is instant, and you can get started with as little as a valid email address.

  1. Go to LocalCoinSwap and create your account.
  2. Search for suitable trade offers, or create your own by following the prompts.
  3. Start trading Polkadot (DOT) with cash and various other payment methods.

Trading crypto shouldn’t be hard, and with the flexibility of P2P trading on LocalCoinSwap, it doesn’t have to be. Start trading your way. If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or join our Telegram community to see why LocalCoinSwap is the most popular non-custodial P2P marketplace.