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Hi everyone! Welcome to this months DevTalks announcement for April 2019. Over the past month, you've probably noticed an uptrend in trading volume on the site. We are continuing to work on volume as being our primary objective for the exchange so this is great to see.

The LocalCoinSwap development team has been working hard to gather and analyze data about how our users want to interact with the platform. We're using these insights to improve the trading experience, and fix key sticking points that are causing users to leave the site.

As a result of these insights you may have noticed some of the following new user-facing features (this list is not comprehensive):

  1. Ad popularity sorting. The default sorting is now based on advertisement popularity, rather than price. Successful trades increase your ad popularity, and letting trades expire reduces your advertisement popularity. This score prevents your time being wasted by traders who don't respond.
  2. Lightning badge. This badge is automatically given to traders with an average response time to new trades of under 1 hour. This response includes accepting or rejecting a trade. By trading with lightning traders you'll get an answer quickly and avoid having your time wasted.
  3. Verified trader badge. This badge is given to traders who successfully verify their phone number and email. Alerts for new trades are sent via SMS to traders. By trading with traders who have a verified badge you can be assured they are less likely to miss being alerted about your trade request.
  4. Pro-trader badge. This badge is given to people who have been verified by LocalCoinSwap staff as having a high volume account on another platform.
  5. Withdrawal hashes shown in transaction history. This allows you to more easily scan the Blockchain when checking for withdrawals
  6. Contract ID shown on trades.
  7. "Sell max" button in the post a trade page to more easily sell the maximum amount of cryptocurrency you have available.
  8. Multi-lingual SMS notifications
  9. Back button behaviour is reliable on home page, as all search parameters are in the URL structure. This allows you to easily share trade searches with friends.
  10. Filenames and details now show up, reducing confusion during the trading process

You've also probably noticed another major new addition to the LocalCoinSwap team: LocalCoinBot, our friendly Telegram chat moderator. We programmed the bot ourselves for security, and the source code is freely available on Github.

LocalCoinBot has some cool features like the ability to show you the latest token prices, list admins, and point you to our active communities. He can also help moderate the chat by deleting spam posts and muting other bots.

Over the past month we have been working heavily on the official launch of the LocalCoinSwap documented trading API. We're about 75% complete now, and will hopefully be releasing the first official version very shortly. This automated API will allow all facets of the site to be utilised algorithmically and is a highly requested feature by professional P2P traders.

We are also always listening to your ongoing feedback and want to say thank you for taking the time to provide feedback via our LocalCoinSwap Telegram channel. We have a number of ongoing feature enhancements that we are working on concurrently for the exchange as a result of your feedback. We greatly appreciate the community taking the time to let us know what works and doesn't work for you and we are doing all we can to achieve all requests by order of priority.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we look forward to some more major developments coming very soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Trading!
Nathan Worsley
CTO & Co-Founder, LocalCoinSwap

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