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Hi everyone! I'm excited to be touching base once again with traders and investors from the LocalCoinSwap community, so welcome to this months development update.

Over the last couple of weeks most of the focus has been on the dividend payout, but coming up to the dividend payment the team have also been hard at work implementing features to boost trading volume on the site.

Our latest updates have had some measurable success in increasing the consistency of trading volume, and we expect this trend to continue. It has become rare to see a day without any trading volume on the site, whereas previously this was an irregular occurrence. Now that we are seeing daily trading we are working diligently to deliver requested features by site users.Bug fixes

New feature - No crypto required to post SELL ads!

Over the last month we have rolled out a major new feature which allows sellers to post a SELL advertisement on the marketplace without the need to fund their wallet with crypto. Internally we have coined this 'Freestyle trading'. It means that a trade can now be advertised, and entered into, BEFORE the buyer or seller deposits funds into the platform. The first step in the trading process now involves funding the escrow contract.

The benefit of this new feature includes:

  1. You are not restricted to trading only what is in your platform wallet
  2. High volume traders, who may be skeptical of holding large amounts of funds in their on-site wallet, can now post advertisements without worrying about their funds
  3. Traders from other platforms can more easily trial the LocalCoinSwap experience without having to withdraw funds first from other platforms

Buyers and sellers can still use the site exactly as before, and if you already have funds in your wallet then the trading process will work the same. However, you can now create selling advertisements without funds in the account, and then deposit the funds when you are ready to begin your trade.

We will continue to tweak this feature as required to prevent time wasting, so please let the team know if you have any suggestions by contacting support. We will have more information on this feature over the coming weeks!

World-first platform feature:

Over the next few months, the entire team will be hard at work on a special new update to the site, wallet and trading experience which we believe will revolutionise the experience of using our LocalCoinSwap P2P marketplace. This feature will be a world-first, and it is an enhancement that some competitor websites are even claiming is impossible to do.

Whilst I can't reveal too much more at this stage, suffice to say we are massively excited to bring this to the LocalCoinSwap community. So over the next 2 months, while we work on this feature integration into the platform, we will be focusing primarily on fixing any pertinent platform bugs and making the trading experience smoother for all, but don't worry - we have something very special in the works so stay tuned!

Happy Trading!
Nathan Worsley
CTO & Co-Founder, LocalCoinSwap

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