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Hi everyone! I’m excited to share with you our LocalCoinSwap developer updates for May 2019. In terms of launched features this has been a huge month, with a bunch of major improvements now implemented for traders.

Many of these improvements have been implemented into the backend of the LocalCoinSwap peer-to-peer platform and are not visible to traders, however there are a number of significant changes to the user experience which you might have noticed recently.

Some of our latest developer updates include...

  1. Advanced pricing:

    The LocalCoinSwap advanced pricing feature has launched. You can now use a variety of complex equations to create a final price in your advertisement, including all the cryptocurrency rates from over 10 different exchanges.

    You can also use mathematical functions such as min(), max(), avg(), convert between different fiat rates, and more.

    This is a huge feature which now makes trade advertisement contract creation more customisable for all traders on the platform.

  2. API:

    LocalCoinSwap has officially launched our Python library for our trading API, as well as publicly documented and simplified the API to improve accessibility.

    Traders on the site can now engage in automated trading, create arbitrage plugins, and even develop entirely new applications which make use of the data on the LocalCoinSwap exchange.

    You can find the API documentation here - https://api.localcoinswap.com/

  3. Change selling ads to fiat:

    After repeated requests from within the team and the wider community we have completely refactored the trading process to use fiat currency for trade limits when selling cryptocurrency. You now set your min and max limits in fiat.

    This makes it much easier for traders to manage their min and max limits in their selected fiat curency.

  4. Changes to the way search parameters work:

    As some people have already noticed, all of the search criteria you enter in the search box now form part of the page URL.

    This means that specific searches can be shared with friends, and the back button now works in a logically consistent manner when browsing.

    This also helps with increasing findability for LocalCoinSwap in search engine results (SERPs).

  5. Automatic pausing of advertisements when max < min:

    If the maximum limit of an advertisement becomes smaller than the minimum unit due to a change in cryptocurrency price, your advertisement will automatically pause.

    This is important for our traders as it will lead to less irrelevant advertisements being shown in the searching pages.

  6. Trade progress timeline:

    During the entire trading process there is now a timeline which guides users through the steps of the trade, informing traders of the next actions which should be taken and the current state of the trade.

    This is a huge improvement to the trade process as it helps alert users to the current status of the trade and brings an increased awareness to the trade process to users.

  7. Show transaction withdrawal hash when withdrawing:

    When withdrawing from the LocalCoinSwap exchange you'll now see a transaction hash in the transaction history tab.

    This will make a massive difference for traders who are keen to search for their transaction on the blockchain explorer as they will no longer need to contact us for this information.

  8. Improved profile pages:

    The profile pages have been slightly revamped with additional information that may be useful in ascertaining the trust level of a trader. This information includes the date they joined LocalCoinSwap, and their verification level.

    We have further significant updates coming to the profiles pages soon.

  9. Streamline wallet systems to reduce withdrawal fees:

    A major revamp of the backend wallets has allowed us to reduce withdrawal fees for all cryptocurrencies, while at the same time increasing the security of our systems.

    This is a major improvement for the platform as reduced costs for users and increased security is always a priority.

  10. Improvement in the way feedback is displayed to users:

    Feedback shown on profile page is now more detailed, and in the order it was left on the platform. This helps traders see the most recent reputation ratings first. It also includes the date and time that the ratings were left.

    Both of these features help users learn more about the history of particular traders before trading with them.

  11. Trade assistance bot:

    A friendly bot now participates in the trading chat to guide users through the steps of the trade, clearly stating what action needs to be taken next and by whom.

    Together with the trade timeline feature we have now majorly reduced potential confusion which could occur during trades.

  12. Security improvements to prevent malicious files in contract chat:

    We have added special filetype and extension validation to prevent malicious files from being sent to other users through the trade chat. This will add an additional level of safety for our traders.

  13. Fix page scrolling issues on iPhones:

    Previously there were some bugs with scrolling the platform on an iPhone, leading to a frustrating user experience. These elasticity bugs are now fixed and iPhone users can scroll the platform with a natural experience.

We hope you'll be happy with this huge array of changes and look forward to showcasing even more changes next month!

Thanks as always for your ongoing support.

Happy Trading!
Nathan Worsley
CTO & Co-Founder, LocalCoinSwap

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