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Hi, and welcome to our September <DevTalks /> update! We have a lot of exciting news and updates for the month of September, related to the non-custodial migration and newly added to LocalCoinSwap features. So, let’s get straight into it.

Work on our non-custodial trading is coming along well. Our non-custodial wallet systems are complete and we are the majority of the way through implementing our trading process end-to-end.

Once we have the trading process complete we'll be able to give more precise announcements regarding expected launch dates. We plan to err on the side of underpromising and overdelivering with this feature, as it's so critical from a security perspective that we explore and test every possible vulnerability.

Our aim is to make the rollout process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. All users on our current platform will maintain their account history, advertisements, and all related information. Upgrading your account will involve a password reset, but we plan to handle everything else automatically. If possible we will aim to phase in this feature with no downtime.

Some of the new technology which will be implemented after the non-custodial launch will include hardware-wallet trading, end-to-end message encryption using the Whisper protocol, and even Lightning Network.

During this development process, we haven't shied away from further development on the main website. Users of the platform will have recently noticed some major additions including:

Push notifications
We know that nothing is worse than missing trades, so in addition to email and SMS, you can now receive updates regarding new trades through your browser push notifications, even when you aren't specifically browsing LocalCoinSwap. You can test this feature in your settings page.

Complete refactor of the "Post a trade" process
We've rebuilt the process of creating a trade advertisement from the ground up, to be more intuitive and user-friendly. We felt this was the weakest page on the site, and in dire need of some changes.

Trades can now be posted with minimal confusion, as the page will intelligently guess which choices are appropriate for you, and also loads faster in edit mode when you need to tweak something.

Holiday mode
If you're on holiday, or not trading for a while, we no longer require you to manually pause all of your advertisements. Instead at the bottom of the settings page, you'll notice the ability to activate "Holiday mode", which will prevent all your ads from showing in searches and also prevent people from opening trades with you.

Block other traders
You can now go to someone’s profile page and block them if you don't want them to be able to contact or start trades with you. If you change your mind, you can also unblock them.

Trust other traders
Just like blocking, you can also indicate that you trust another trader. You can see someone's total trust score on their profile page. We're working on some cool new features related to people you trust, so stay tuned!

Nicer emails
What can I say, the emails were looking a little dated - so we tweaked all of them to fit in with our branding style.

General bug fixes
We've fixed a couple of difficult bugs that have annoyed users for a while. In particular, some of the issues related to frozen notification bells have now been resolved after an upgrade of the way we handle WebSocket connections.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next month's update.

Happy Trading!
Nathan Worsley CTO & Co-Founder, LocalCoinSwap

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