Inclusive Adoption With Peer To Peer Trading

. 3 min read

No matter whether you are a bitcoin maximalist, gem hunting altcoin addict, or curious bystander, one thing is certain: P2P cryptocurrency is here to stay. There are so many ways to buy and sell now it is almost bewildering, especially to those new to the space.

The problem is however not with the glorious choice of cryptocurrencies and projects, but with how to actually get involved with them easily should you like the look of something. The problem is... Fiat! (again)

After the all-time-highs, interest skyrocketed for cryptocurrency amongst the more affluent countries, as an investment vehicle and a way of diversifying portfolios. These people have been largely catered to with prominent exchanges offering pairs in USD, GBP & EUR.

There has been another just as noteworthy - if not more so - boom amongst people who reside in countries where economic stability is poor, and their traditional fiat currency is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It is here we are seeing the real life-changing value of crypto, as a tool for stability, trade and security.

Bitcoin and Dash are two prominent leaders in this cause for social good. People put their faith into something that can cross borders, can be secured simply and something that has no centralised control. This has been seen with the recent financial crises in Venezuela and Turkey.  With the simplicity of only needing a phone and internet connection, people could secure some savings. They could give themselves some peace of mind.

But what about those that do not hold dollars, euros and pounds? Can they just jump on a prominent exchange, do all the KYC and join in with the crypto revolution? You will be left with a deafening and resounding no in answer to that question...

Well until now that is:

You see LocalCoinSwap is poised to be one of the most prominent exchanges there are. Why? Because LocalCoinSwap offers traders more fiat pairs than any of the leading centralised exchanges. This is coupled without the need to go through hoop jumping with KYC because it is a decentralised peer to peer powerhouse! A powerhouse that allows trades with a whopping 181 different fiat options.

I recently posed the question of who would be the first to trade crypto on Mount Everest? Yep, the Nepalese Rupee is right there on the exchange, coupled with staggering amount of payment options. Do not have a bank account? No problem, trade direct for cash, use gift cards, PayPal, or MoneyGram, or even more possibilities!

You see, the beauty of peer-to-peer is more freedom. With LocalCoinSwap the trader is in control, and I fully endorse the slogan of a peer-to-peer exchange for peer-to-peer currencies. It is fitting and right and allows access for all, no matter their location, bank account or local currency. Inclusion is adoption and it will be the major factor in bringing cryptocurrency to the world.

Yes, there exist peer-to-peer exchanges already, and that is awesome. However, none offer what LocalCoinSwap does - diversity and support. Support of peoples' local currencies with a diverse and constantly-added-to selection of cryptocurrencies. With this everyone has the chance to widen their portfolios, to jump onto awesome projects like Golem, Dash, Skrumble and more, not to mention the likes of the large marketcap coins Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Not only that, LocalCoinSwap broadens the options for merchant, mining and masternode communities. After mining you need to exchange your crypto for fiat to pay the electricity bill somehow, after all. After selling all your Lambos for Bitcoin you need a place to trade out to pay the business rates... But how do you do this without dumping the price? How do you do this without hurting the crypto you are investing time and energy into? How after securing and promoting when you are forced to sell on a centralised exchange?

Over the counter peer-to-peer trades is how!

Using LocalCoinSwap is the best option for those people who are enabling the networks and enabling adoption via sales. Peer-to-peer and decentralised exchanges are the future. The future starts here, with LocalCoinSwap. A future where everyone gets a fair trade.

Spread the word and sign up now, and together we will make trading on Everest a reality - because shooting for the moon is awesome but let's conquer the world first!